A brand-new year has come, and people are starting to reflect on their actions and their way of living in the past year and then set new goals and resolutions to improve their quality of life. While some would aim for a healthier weight by exercising and others would focus more on adventures by planning the places they wish to visit, why not give your dental health some TLC by focusing your new year’s resolution on it? 

Here are the ten dental new year resolutions that you should add to your list for this year:

  • Brush and floss regularly and more effectively

This is probably the most common and most straightforward new year resolution that involves our dental health. Surprisingly though, many only brush their teeth in the morning instead of brushing and flossing teeth at least twice a day. 


  • Drink more water

Water can do wonders in your health. It keeps you hydrated and maintains the moisture of your skin. Your dental health also benefits from the water that you drink. It washes away food particles sticking on your teeth and the sugar and acid from the food you eat. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.


  • Quit smoking

Smoking is never good for your overall health and must be cut out of your life, new year or not. Did you know that tobacco smoking is the leading cause of oral and oropharyngeal cancer? According to studies, about 85% of head and neck cancer is linked to tobacco smoking. So, for healthier dental and oral health, make sure to include this in your new year’s resolution. 


  • Limit alcohol intake

The effect of alcohol on our health is more than just a bad hangover. The contents in alcohol increase your risk of gum disease, tooth decay, mouth sores, and bad breath. Its more severe and long-term effects include oral cancer, liver disease, heart disease, and others. 


  • Cut down sugars and sticky candies

This new year make sure to learn more self-discipline in restraining yourself against the temptation brought by sweets and sticky candies. The bacteria in your mouth thrive from the sugar from the food that you eat. This means that the sweeter or starchier the foods you eat, the more the bacteria grow and multiply. Sticky candies can also stick to the dental treatments that you have and damage them.


  • Eat healthily

The holiday season had already passed, so it is time to refrain from overindulging in gingerbread cookies and other not-so-healthy foods. Start eating healthy by adding greens, colorful vegetables, and fruits to your diet.


  • Pay attention to your tongue

Often, we tend to skip our tongue in our routine dental care. This new year, show your tongue some tender, loving care by removing the buildup of particles on it by brushing it. 


  • Stop chewing anything that is not edible

It’s true that the teeth are strong but do not test their strength by opening bottles, cracking nuts, or chewing items that are not edible. These items have sharp edges that may chip, crack or even break your teeth. 


  • Smile more

The smile is the best gift you can give to someone without spending a dime, as they say. True. Apart from brightening other people’s day with your smile, it can also exponentially improve and brighten your physical appearance. 


  • Visit your dentist regularly

A dental visit is the new year’s resolution that you should follow seriously throughout the year. Dental visits will help improve your oral health and recognize potential issues in your oral and dental health.