For most people, they fear that the root canal will be extremely painful. However, with the existence of anesthesia and modern tools, the treatment is now almost pain-free. 

Our goal with this post is to share with you the benefits of a root canal treatment. Educating yourself before any procedure can help you prepare, and this could also manage your expectations. 

Root Canal Overview 

When you undergo a root canal treatment, your dentist will remove the infected and inflamed pulp from your tooth. After that, they will clean your tooth and have it disinfected. 

When it’s already thoroughly cleaned, it will be filled with a rubbery material. It will then be finished by adding a crown that allows the patient to chew with ease. When the procedure is done, the patient can go on with their lives as there is practically no downtime. 

Advantages of Root Canal 

Are you still not convinced that this is the right treatment for you? Read on

  • Removes the Pain
    First of all, root canal treatment can eliminate the pain in the mouth. As we all know, a painful tooth can disrupt you from doing your daily activities. And if you practice proper hygiene, it could last a lifetime.
  • Cost-Efficient
    Another benefit of a root canal treatment is the cost. Perhaps you are thinking that tooth extraction is cheaper. But you have to understand that when you have your tooth extracted, you may have to get an implant or bridge. That would also entail cost.
    On the other hand, a root canal will only require fewer appointments. Plus, many insurance plans cover the treatment. So if you are going to consider these things, root canal is a better option.
  • Aesthetics
    Next, a root canal treatment is also beneficial aesthetically speaking. Just so you know, infected teeth can have discoloration. It can turn yellow or brown. And even if you have it cleaned, it won’t respond to whitening treatments. With a root canal treatment, it will look natural, and you can confidently flash a big smile.
  • Stops the Infection
    Most importantly, when you have a root canal, you can stop the infection. Some of these infections could even reach the jawbone and brain if left untreated.

For more information on Root Canals, contact Dr. Eaton and we’ll take care of all your needs.