A beautiful smile is almost synonymous with bright white teeth. Of course, when you have whiter teeth, you will be more confident to smile more often and more genuinely. Unfortunately, due to the foods and beverages that we consume, our teeth get stained and discolored. Individuals who often drink coffee, tea, red wine, and other colored beverages may have discoloration on their teeth. Tobacco smoking is also a known culprit for teeth stains.

With this, many Americans are looking for ways to brighten and whiten their teeth. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, almost 90% of patients requested tooth whitening. While many would try to take a detour in whitening their teeth through the DIY teeth whitening home kits, there is still nothing better than having your teeth cleaned and whitened by a professional. Here are the top 5 reasons why professional teeth whitening is better than home kits.


  • Professional treatment

The main advantage you get with professional teeth whitening is the service. Unlike the home kits, where you only rely on the set of instructions to whiten your teeth, professional teeth whitening is done by licensed dentists; thus, you can rest assured that your teeth are in good hands. Since your dentist will perform an oral health checkup before the procedure, professional teeth whitening will then be customized for your mouth’s health and your needs. Apart from this, you can also benefit from the post-treatment advice from an expert with professional teeth whitening. Your dentist will recommend ways on how to maintain your bright smile and keep your teeth stain-free. 


  • Thorough cleaning

As the name implies, professional teeth whitening provides professional results. You can expect your dentist to know what to do in cleaning and whitening your teeth thoroughly, leaving no crevices untouched. 


  • Fast results

With DIY teeth whitening home kit, you need to wait several days or weeks before seeing noticeable results. However, with professional teeth whitening, you will be able to see your smile brighten right after the treatment. This is a big advantage of professional teeth whitening over home kits. It provides fast results that last longer. 


  • Improved oral health

Another advantage of professional teeth whitening is that it doesn’t only focus on removing the stains on your teeth; your dentist will also examine other parts of your oral health. Because of this, you will be able to identify any issues on your mouth in its early stage and prevent it from getting worse.


  • Effective and safe

Over-the-counter teeth whitening home kits may be inexpensive. But are they safe and effective? You cannot be guaranteed on the components included in the home kit’s bleaching gel. And if you get unlucky, you may end up irritating your gums. 

In summary, professional teeth whitening offers many benefits not only to your oral and dental health but also to your self-confidence. Armed with brighter and whiter teeth through professional teeth whitening, you no longer need to suppress yourself from smiling.